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Hi and welcome to the website for growing giant pumpkins here in NZ.  The main sections to check out are:

  • The Blog – This is updated regularly with what I am up to, product reviews, information, results and anything else that has been happening lately.  The archives can be found on the right hand side of the website.
  • The How To Page – A page that has sections on all aspects of growing a giant pumpkin.
  • The Facts and Questions page – Which covers a lot of questions you might have as well as questions people have asked me, you can even submit your own question at the bottom of the page.

Other areas of the site.

  • About Page – A bit more information about the site and what I hope to achieve with it.
  • Contact Page – All the ways you can get hold of me.
  • Downloads Page – The free downloads to help you when growing giant pumpkins.
  • Events Page – Giant pumpkin events being held around the country, you can even submit your own event for FREE.
  • Weight Estimation Charts – How to measure your pumpkin to estimate it’s weight.

Blog posts to check out:

Here are some useful blog posts.

Thanks for visiting the website, I hope you find it useful in your giant pumpkin growing endeavours.