Giant pumpkin events are held throughout the country between March and April every year, if you run a pumpkin event and want to it to be listed on the website for growing giant pumpkins in NZ then keep reading.

Listing your giant pumpkin event

Listing your event is as simple as filling out the form here.

Benefits of listing your giant pumpkin event:

  • You get free promotion of your event on the only NZ website dedicated to giant pumpkins.
  • Having your even listed helps people find it when they search for it online.

Submitting your results

You can submit your events results by filling out the form here.

Benefits of submitting your events results:

  • It’s a great way to celebrate all the winners of your event
  • An easy way to have them all listed if you don’t have your own website.

Calendar of Events

All the submitted events can be found on the calendar page right here.

All results that have been submitted can be searched from this page.