Gisborne Road Trip 2019

We went down to Gisborne to see pumpkins, things didn’t work out as planned. We had a great time and saw one pumpkin, find out what happened and how our trip went.

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Jerry is Set Free

Some of the vines were soft and rotting, leading up the stem which had a soft spot. I decided to cut Jerry from the vine. Hopefully it will last until the Carnival.

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Tim’s Blossom End Split

NZ Record Holder Tim Harris had an unwanted split occur in the blossom end of his largest pumpkin. I went to check it out, and find out what was happening in his patch.

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2019 is Here

The first week of 2019 and things seem to be going OK in the tiny patch, I’ve got female flowers and the plant looks good.

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End of November 2018

The end of the year is fast approaching. I almost killed my giant pumpkin seedling, have some miniatures growing and have been painting some pumpkins.

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Killing the Weeds

With around 3 months to go until the giant pumpkin growing season kicks off I thought I better kill some weeds that are taking over the tiny patch.

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