Getting Ready for Growing in October

October is fast approaching which means giant pumpkin growing time is almost here. In this post I think about the different bits and pieces I need to get for my growing season.

Killing the Weeds

With around 3 months to go until the giant pumpkin growing season kicks off I thought I better kill some weeds that are taking over the tiny patch.

Back from Holiday & Vlog Episode 8

It’s been super humid around these parts lately, I came back from my holiday and had to deal with powdery mildew and a pumpkin that was too big for it’s chair.

Crazy Wind and Rain + Vlog Episode 7

Another Christmas and New Years and another year to look forward too.  2018 is going to be a great year, not because I'm wishing it will be, I'm going to make it a great year. My Christmas was good, I spent time with my family and one of my cousins was over from the...

15 Minutes of Fame

I’ve had a cold this week, so no vlog, but a blog update on being interviewed by BBC World News, and an update on the patch.

Delivering Seedlings

A bit of an update on what I have been up to the last couple of weeks, I’ve been delivering seedlings and put up some early season protection.

Halfway Through October Already

Halfway through October and the giant pumpkin season has started here in New Zealand, I’ve started my seeds off, and published some vlogs, plus have been looking into pumpkin rolling.


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