Hoop Type Shade for your Giant Pumpkins

Another year into giant pumpkin growing and another year into providing shade for the pumpkin. The idea behind providing shade to the pumpkin is to help stop the sun from drying out the skin too much preventing growth of the fruit. In the previous years I have used a...

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Patch Update 10.02.2013

It has been nice and warm around these parts which is nice, I think I prefer the warmth to the cold any day. Some of the miniatures have already come to maturity so have pulled them off and have them hanging out on the table, always a great conversation starter, even...

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Giant Pumpkins NZ Patch Update 02.02.2013

Hello here is an update of what has been happening in my little part of the world and more importantly what has been happening in the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins are starting to grow From my many advanced calculations I have 5 pumpkins at various stages starting to grow....

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