This is an important notice for all the NZ and Australian giant pumpkin growers wanting to get seed from the US or Canada.

We are again lucky enough to have the help of Eddy Zaychkowsky with the Phyto Certificate process required for all giant pumpkin seeds being sent to the Southern Hemisphere.

Points to Note

  • Only Atlantic Giant seeds can be sent, no other varieties like watermelon, tomato etc.
  • Only small quantities of seeds will be processed, no giant bags of seeds from the same pumpkins
  • Seeds need to be sent to one of Eddy’s postal addresses, either the US or Canadian one depending on where your seeds originate from.  Both are listed here
  • Once sent fill out the form on the GPNZ website here: This allows Eddy to know what to expect, and helps keep track of them once they land here in NZ/Australia
  • You have until the 31st of July to get the seeds to Eddy to allow plenty of time for the testing and sending of seeds to NZ/Australia

If you are wanting to purchase giant pumpkin seeds from overseas I recommend checking out these sites:

WOW Wallace
World Wide Giant Growers
Howard Dill
World Class Giant Pumpkin Seeds
Hollands Giants

Make sure the shipping of these seeds are to one of Eddy’s addresses

Any questions please get in touch.