Free Guide to Running a Giant Pumpkin Event

Are you thinking about running a giant pumpkin event?

You might want to do one in your community, or you have been tasked with this job from a group you belong to.

Do you have questions about how to do this?

How do you approach this, what things can you do.

You may be thinking about the following:

  • Timing of your event
  • Seeds
  • Competition categories
  • Making money
  • Registration
  • Weighing of pumpkins
  • Plus much more

I have put together a free 30-page guide covering all of the above plus more.

Ebook Cover Optimised

This will help you make your event a success, answer questions you have and give you information you may not have even thought about before.

This guide has been written for people in New Zealand, but feel free to download and check it out if you are from other countries.

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