Transplanting your Seedling

Moving your Seedling from a Pot out into the Patch
Transplanting is when you take a seedling you have in a pot or a container, and put it into your patch/garden.  Taking care to do it carefully and gently, as not to shock the plant any more.  Any rough handling can set the plant back.

While your seeds are in the pots, it is good practice to harden them up, this is done by leaving them in the sun for periods during the day, this allows the plant to cope with the potential shock of leaving the pot and going in the ground.


Spacing plants/seeds 3 to 4m apart should be adequate for most people. If you are seriously wanting to grow the biggest pumpkin you can, letting each plant or seed having a 8-10m gap between them is ideal.


Another idea a lot of growers seem to do, are the small mounds in the ground before planting. These are mounds usually 220cm in diameter, and are 300mm high in the center, with all sides sloping downwards. The seed/seedling is planted in the center of the mound.  This allows for excess water to run off the mound, and also lift the small plant up above the lower ground where frost damage may occur.

Protecting the seedlings

During cold nights which can occur randomly at the start of the season, some sort of protection can help the seedling from dying.

You can get ultra fancy and buy a small type of green house to cover the seedlings, to help shelter from the cold or wind. If you need something in a hurry and don’t have a small greenhouse available, a cardboard box over the seedling overnight can help. Remember to take it off in the morning.

Orientation of your Giant Pumpkin Seedling

Make sure you put the seedling into your patch facing the correct way, making sure to pay attention to where the first true leaf is (middle leaf).  The vine will grow from the opposite side of this leaf.

Transplanting video

There are many designs on the internet for shelter, but anything that is simple and easy to construct or use is the best.  I’ve used the box method before, and also a small cloche type cover.