Do I have a new location to grow for the 2020 giant pumpkin season to replace the tiny patch?


The Tiny Patch

There are a lot of benefits to growing I n a tiny patch, some of these I have covered in the past, but there are also challenges.

If I had to pick between a tiny patch or a regular sized patch what would I choose? Well that depends on a whole bunch of factors. And this is something I’ve had the opportunity to work through recently.

The Offer

Dennis who you may remember briefly appearing in the vlog last year, he’s also our secretary for the pumpkin carnival.

He mentioned I could grow at his place. Which was a generous offer, and I’d let him know what my answer was.

So now it was time to weigh up what that would entail.

The travel time from my place to Dennis’ house with no traffic is 10 minutes. It’s sort of out of my way as I don’t head that way any other time really. So would consist of a 20 minute round trip each time I went there.

Patch prep
The ground would need to be dug up and an area agreed upon, if I was doing this with an unknown area at this size I’d want to get a soil test done to find out how the soil is. This would lead to amendments being needed as well.

Wind Protection
I think this area would need some protection from the wind, which could cause havoc with the vines during the season.

This is the biggest concern for this location, while there are some big ass tanks there, they are for the house and rainfall is the only water supply at this location.

I’d have to have some sort of tank setup to capture water off the shed, and use that.

A new location like this would cost a bit of money to get up to scratch to grow a giant pumpkin. I’m not in the position or want to dump a lot of money into this currently.


While having a bigger area to grow would be great, weighing up all the options I just don’t think it would be feasible for me this season. It mainly comes down to money, and I wouldn’t want to be carting stuff backwards and forwards all the time, or taking up space at someone else’s house.

The Plan for 2020 Season

I’ll be growing in the tiny patch again for the 2020 season. Last year I managed to squeeze out a pumpkin that weight 96kg. My goal for this season is to get a pumpkin over 150kg.

Is this even possible in such a small area? Well there is only one way to find out. And as always I’ll be doing updates on just how everything is going throughout the season.

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